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West Coast Training Scotland – HGV Driver Training and driving instructor in Dumfries South West Scotland

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You want to drive a truck or bus, but have no clue where to start. This is the place to be. 

Step 1 – Paperwork

To begin driving either trucks or busses, you must first apply for a provisional licence.

Visit .Gov website to apply for a D2/D4 provisional pack. This will be posted to your address. There is no charge to add provisional entitlement on to your licence from the DVLA.

This pack covers either Goods Vehicle Category C or Passenger Vehicle Category D provisional licences. It includes guidance on filling out the forms correctly to avoid delay.

We also have these packs available for collection in our office in Dumfries.

Step 2 – Medical

All candidates must undertake and pass a medical assessment as part of the provisional application process. 

A medical can be arranged through your GP, they may need you to also see an optician. There is usually a charge for this, and it varies between providers.

There are companies providing specialist services targeted directly towards individuals looking to gain a HGV or PCV licence, these are acceptable to the DVSA. 

You will need to have received your D2/D4 form and take this with you to your medical, your GP/Optician will need to complete form D4 with you before you return it to DVLA.

Step 3 – Theory Tests

Before you can sit any practical tests, you must hold theory test certificates. 

For the most people, there will be 3 tests to sit at the theory test centre. 

Module 1a – Multiple Choice Theory Test

Module 1b – Hazard Perception Test

Module 2 – Driver CPC Case Studies Exam

If you decide to book with us, we can offer access to an online service which will help you prepare for the theory elements. Contact us for more information.

Step 4 – Module 4 CPC

For the most, Driver CPC is mandatory. Module 4 training will be given and assessment conducted.

For the majority, Driver CPC is mandatory. To enable you to get a job and start earning money once you have your new licence, you must complete all elements of Initial Driver CPC. Module 2 – Case Studies you complete at the theory test centre.  Module 4 is completed on our site in Dumfries. You will be given all the relevant knowledge and trained in delivering that knowledge in the format required to pass the Mod 4 Test. The test lasts no more than 30 minutes and assesses your ability to handle a number of situations with a focus on safety. 

Step 5 – Practical

Once you have your theory tests passed, it’s time to book your training.

Training is tailored to suit each candidate, but over the duration of your course, you will be taught how to drive the vehicle safely. This will include manoeuvring the vehicle around the yard, reversing the vehicle and uncoupling and recoupling the trailer if applicable. You will be prepared for both elements of the DVSA Driving Test. Part 3a is the off road part of the test, incorporating a reverse manouevre and the uncouple/recouple excercise. Part 3b is the road element, this is your time to demonstrate your driving ability to a DVSA examiner over the course of 58 minutes, give or take.

Congratulations! You should receive your new driving licence and Driver CPC Card within 21 days of passing your test. 

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